Team deatchmatch

Most popular game mode for groups of 6+ people. Players are divided into 2,3 or 4 teams and gain points by hitting enemy players. After being hit you are “respawned” to continue your game. This can happen either automatically after 5seconds or when you go back to your team’s base. With the “friendly fire” mode the game may be more difficult ! In larger groups (8+) there can also be one medic in a team that has to heal or respawn his fallen team mates.

Free for all (FFA)

Good game scenario for starting your laser-tag experience, especially for smaller groups (up to 5 people). Everybody is on his/her own and gains points by hitting anybody else. Players re-spawn automatically after 5 second.

Hunting time

Fun mode on! Perfect for stag or hen party. One person gets a special dress: a chicken or a rabbit. It has to survive within given game time. It can defend too: with a gun or disarming opponents by raising laughter 😉

Attack the sniper

Feeling good with the sniper-rifle gun mode ? Then you’ll enjoy being the one that has to defend against all others. You start early so you can hide or take an advantageous position. Your goal is to survive in given game time. The attackers after being taken down have to go back to start to respawn.

Attack on target

In this game two teams attack one target that is placed in the center of the field. Points are assigned only by hitting the target, which can be done once every 10 seconds. So the teams have to fight to gain position and get close to the target. Players have to go back to respawn in their bases.

Attack on enemy’s base

Similar as in the previous scenario players gain points for their teams only by hitting the target. There can be two teams so there are two targets in each base. Or three teams so that one team is placed in center and defends the single target.

Hunting the boss

Ever wanted to shoot and take down your boss ? If you can get him or her to our field this is entirely possible! In this game that one player has a special role. He has unlimited ammo, many lives, longer range and damage. But still… he’s alone

Defending the VIP

Among many versions of this scenario we recommend this one as a more challenging version of team deatchmatch. Every team has a Commander/VIP that has to be hit for the other team to gain points. Strategy is essential in this game!

Capture the Flag – CTF

In this team game only big achievements get you a victory. Both teams have their flags at their bases. You have to stay alive to be able to steal opponent’s flag and bring it to your base while at the same time your team mates defend your own flag. Then the game restarts. Players have to go back to their bases to respawn.


This is a modification for FFA or Team scenarios – players have a limited number of lives and their main goal is to survive. Defeated soldiers leave the field.

Player roles: