Laser Tag

What is Laser Tag?

Also known as “laser paintball” – a painless game that simulates a battlefield in which everyone can participate regardless of their age and abilities. It is a team game, with 6+ persons recommended for an intense game. Classic balls are replaced here by safe infrared waves emitted from the gun, hit sensors and software for controlling the game and generating statistics from the game. What matters is the accuracy, speed, and team strategy!

This is a great way to spend free time with friends in an atmosphere of competition, team-building event, birthday party  or to hunt for the bachelor 😉

How do we play?

We provide the strongest dose of electromagnetic adrenaline 🙂 Thanks to great hardware from the company Intager – laser tag equipment manufacturer players can take a variety of roles in the game (soldier, medic, sniper, commander, support) as well as playing a variety of scenarios, from which players receive the exact course at the end in the form of a numerical report. Number of virtual lives and ammunition, sort of weapon , the amount of damage, the criterion of assigning points – all of these parameters, and many others are under our control.

Optical sights – collimators and telescopes – which are fitted in each rifle provide a realistic commitment to the realities of military skirmishes.

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